Warrior King Set for U.S. Release

Cineverse has acquired all North American rights to the Chinese animated epic fantasy Warrior King. The movie is set to release in U.S. cinemas on August 25, 2023. Like a lot of wide release features that we’ve see recently coming out of China, the film is inspired by Chinese folklore.

It tells of the legendary warrior King Gesar and is adapted from a Tibet and Central Asian epic tale. The movie follows the story of a young man who grows up in exile in a world overrun by demons and monsters.

The Warrior King Trailer

Origin of Gesar, The Warrior King

In the original, the folklore of Gesar the warrior king is an epic tale from Tibet. Born with miraculous signs, Gesar grows up to be a brave and compassionate leader. His exceptional strength and intelligence make him a legendary warrior king. Gesar’s adventures revolve around defending his kingdom from evil spirits, invaders, and dark forces.

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He faces betrayal, heartache, and moral dilemmas but remains steadfast in his duty. The tale blends spiritual elements, prophecies, and supernatural powers. It embodies themes of courage, loyalty, and the triumph of good over evil, reflecting the cultural heritage of the Tibetan people. Passed down orally through generations, Gesar’s story endures as a captivating legend cherished by various cultures.

Directorial Details

The movie ‘Warrior King’ is directed by Lu Qi. Lu Qi helms the film, bringing the epic tale of King Gesar to life on the screen. Lu Qi has worked on several films and TV dramas, including The Battle at Lake Changjin (2021) and Decisive Engagement: The Liaoxi Shenyang Campaign (1991). It’s safe to say that Lu Qi is no stranger to directing epic battle scenes.

In addition to directing, Lu Qi has also acted in several movies and TV dramas, including ‘Deng Xiaoping’ (2004), ‘Zhou Enlai’ (1992), and ‘Baise Uprising’ (1990).