Sony to Launch Anime Academy to Meet Growing Global Demand

Sony is doubling down on the ever-growing popularity of anime with a bold new initiative: the launch of an anime academy. This move is part of Sony’s broader strategy to strengthen its presence in the anime industry, following their significant acquisitions of Crunchyroll and Funimation. The academy aims to nurture and develop new talent to meet the increasing global demand for high-quality anime productions.

Fostering New Talent

The anime academy will focus on “developing talent” for anime production, encouraging and fostering new creators. Sony plans to leverage its subsidiaries A-1 Pictures and CloverWorks, both under Aniplex, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Japan, as central components of this initiative. The goal is to cultivate a new generation of anime creators who can contribute to the medium’s growth and innovation.

Industry Collaboration

Sony Group’s Chairman and CEO, Yoshida Kenichiro, along with President, COO, and CFO Totoki Hiroki, emphasized the collaborative nature of this project. “The launch of a project to establish an academy [comes] with the aim of nurturing anime creators in global markets, mainly by Aniplex and Crunchyroll with collaboration from across the industry,” they shared in a statement. This collaboration is intended to harness expertise from various sectors within the anime industry, ensuring a comprehensive training program for emerging talents.

A-1 Pictures and CloverWorks

A-1 Pictures and CloverWorks are well-regarded studios with impressive portfolios. A-1 Pictures has developed notable projects such as Solo Leveling, Sword Art Online, Mashle: Magic & Muscles, and Lycoris Recoil. CloverWorks is known for hit series like Spy x Family, The Promised Neverland, and Bocchi The Rock. Their involvement in the academy will bring valuable insights and experience to the training of new anime creators.

Her Blue Sky anime
Her Blue Sky by CloverWorks

Expanding Anime Ventures

Sony’s commitment to the anime sector is further underscored by their recent announcements of several anime projects set to hit North American theaters. Upcoming titles include Spy x Family: CODE White, Haikyu: The Dumpster Battle, Blue Lock: Episode Nagi, and Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom. These projects highlight Sony’s dedication to bringing top-tier anime content to a global audience.

Strategic Focus on Anime

As outlined in their Corporate Strategy Meeting 2024, Sony is determined to develop its anime sector to stand alongside its highly profitable game, music, and movie divisions, which together account for 60% of Sony’s consolidated sales. The company aims to make anime a cornerstone of its entertainment business, with several initiatives planned to enhance both the creative environment and production efficiency.

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Leveraging Existing Assets

Sony has been steadily expanding its anime interests, owning Aniplex and the global streaming platform Crunchyroll, acquired in 2021. To keep up with the rising global demand for new anime productions, Sony plans to strengthen efforts to promote the creation of new anime intellectual properties (IPs). This includes encouraging collaboration between Aniplex and its subsidiaries, such as A-1 Pictures and CloverWorks, and experienced engineers from other Sony divisions.

Innovation in Production

Sony is also developing innovative anime production software, AnimeCanvas, which is expected to start trials this year. This software aims to enhance the quality and efficiency of anime production, further supporting Sony’s goal of leading the industry in both technological advancements and creative output.

Addressing Labor Shortfalls

To address labor shortages in the anime industry, Sony’s new anime academy will play a crucial role in educating future generations of anime creatives from around the world. By providing comprehensive training and fostering collaboration within the industry, Sony hopes to ensure a steady supply of talented professionals ready to contribute to the ever-expanding world of anime.


With the launch of its anime academy, Sony is making a significant investment in the future of anime. By developing new talent, encouraging industry collaboration, and leveraging its existing assets, Sony aims to meet the growing global demand for high-quality anime productions. This initiative not only reinforces Sony’s commitment to the anime industry but also promises to deliver exciting new content to anime fans worldwide.