Mounia Aram Co. Teams with Gobelins for African Animator Classes

Mounia Aram Company and Gobelins made an announcement last year about their strategic partnership to promote and develop pan-African animation. The partnership aims to grow the animation sector across Africa, with a focus on productions that represent African culture and values. The partnership will bring the best training program in Africa, and takes place this July. This is a two week summer program that is already in full swing and we hope to follow up on the outcome of the course and the talent that it will produce for the animation industry in Ghana.

Who Is Mounia Aram

Mounia Aram Company is an African animation distribution and production specialist founded by Mounia Aram, who has more than 20 years of experience in the animation industry. In 2021 she joined the Geena Davis Institute for Gender in Media as Africa Council Chair. In November of 2021, Mounia won the “Black in Animation” Award in the Cultural Innovator category.

Mounia Aram for African animation

Mounia Aram has worked on several projects in the animation industry throughout African and the Caribbean. She has worked on ARJANA, The World in the Shell, a 26-episode animated series from Kenya, LOLO, a 26-episode animated series from South Africa, GWIJIS, a 10-episode animated series from Kenya, The Adventures of Kam Kam, a 52-episode animated series from Jamaica and she has worked on Zoom the White Dolphin, a 52-episode animated series from France.

Through her company, Mounia Aram has been working to build a bridge between African content, culture, and the international market, by presenting animation projects to producers. She is also committed to promoting diversity within the animation industry and ensuring that the strength of African storytelling is used and marketed in the best way possible.

Who is Gobelins

Gobelins is a French animation school and was named the world’s top-ranked animation school of 2022 by Animation Career Review. The partnership between Mounia Aram Company and Gobelins is expected to develop African animation talent and promote African culture through animation. From Gobelins:

The objective of the programme is to expand participants’ skills, get a better understanding of what makes a successful 3D Animation while developing the best competencies by both listening to and interacting with the world’s leading masters in the Animation industry.


That’s not all that Gobelins has been up to. The animation school has also teamed with Netflix to offer scholarships to 6 African students animators.