Kibwe, The First Animated Feature from Mozambique

Kibwe is an upcoming animated film from Mozambique that is being developed by Nildo Essá and Halima Essá, a husband and wife duo who are the CEO and owner of FX Animation Studio. The film is being created using Unreal Engine 5, and the creators are Epic MegaGrant recipients. The project has gained significant attention due to its unique approach to showcasing Mozambique’s culture through animation.

 “Kibwe is an animated movie about a young girl who grew up not knowing about her parents, and most of the things about her past were hidden from her, so now she’s going on this amazing adventure to find out about herself.”

Halima Essá

What Was The Inspiration Behind Kibwe?

Nildo and Halima were inspired to make a film steeped in local culture because they wanted to showcase Mozambique’s culture to the world and create something that was true to their heritage. Despite initial skepticism, the Essás were determined to prove that a Mozambican company could create a full-length animated film that stayed true to their culture. They wanted to challenge the notion that it was not possible for them to achieve such a feat.

The film’s title, “Kibwe,” is derived from Swahili and refers to a superstitious race of very short people. Kibwe is the first full-length animated film from Mozambique, which holds great significance and anticipation within the animation industry.

It will be interesting to see how the film unfolds and the impact it has on the representation of African animation on a global scale.