Coming This Summer: The Loud House Movie

The Loud House Movie is an animated comedy film based on the Nickelodeon animated series, The Loud House. The film was initially planned for theatrical release in 2020, but it will debut on Netflix in the summer of 2021. The movie is directed by Dave Needham, Written by George Chialtas, Chris Savino, and Kevin Sullivan. The movie includes famous voice stars such as David Tennant, Grey Griffin, Billy Boyd, Asher Bishop, Jessica DiCicco, Jill Talley, and many more. The movie is just one of the four that Netflix has acquired in the past few years from Nickelodeon. The initial two were released in 2018, with two more sets to release in 2021, with The Loud House Movie being one of them.

The Loud Family, the biggest family on TV, goes on the biggest family vacation ever. The adventure follows the family to Scotland, where they find out their descendants of the Scottish royalty. The family quickly starts indulging in the most high-life wish-fulfilling things when they realize their ancestral home is a castle. Through the numerous screenshot releases and a teaser uploaded to Netflix’s main page, fans can get a good grasp of what’s in store for us. The first teaser was uploaded in late April 2021, showing the Loud House Movie coming soon to Netflix.

In the film, Chris Savino is not believed to have any involvement in the film aside from being listed as a creator of the original characters due to his firing in October 2017. Jonathan Hylander will return as the composer of the film carrying on from his time on the original series. Although listed as rumors, most of the main characters from the original are expected to return for the feature film. In short, fans should expect most of the primary team behind the original TV series to be involved with the film.

For some time, the movie’s release date was expected to be in 2020, but time ran out, and the date was postponed to 2021. The official release date was confirmed to be August 20, 2021, by the streaming giant, followed by a tweet posted to Netflix’s Geeked Twitter handle. A clip from the animated film followed the release date. The clip features Lincoln Loud showing off his crown, frilly collar, and new tartan duds to his mother and all his sisters. As he walks down the stairs, he says that he’s “Duking.” To which his sisters reply, “Right in front of us? You know we have our bathrooms now!”

The clip continues showing Lincoln trying very hard to get his family excited about the new royalty lifestyle, but they’re not that interested. The clip gets the audience excited to see how his eagerness to become a Scottish duke will turn out, making the wait worth it. The fans are already aware that hijinks are bound to follow the siblings almost everywhere they go. As a result, they should be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime in the movie.