Animated Movies to Feed Your Wanderlust

Feeling like traveling to Africa after watching Lion King or taking a road trip after viewing that road trip plot? While they may involve comical stunts and focus on entertaining you, they give a gestalt of what travel entails.

It’s a period filled with fun, bonding with close people, and overcoming challenges to get to your destination. While at it, don’t forget to be present for the moment. You will still get there!

Lion King (1994)


Different issues and traits like fun, sorrow, and curiosity initiate the journey in each movie.

Scar excludes Simba of the Lion King (1994) from his home, purporting he is the cause of his father’s death. So Simba begins a journey to the oasis.

The voyage comes with a therapeutic outcome to Simba, who is sad and blaming himself for his father’s death. We see his travel partners making the experience more exciting as they drive the carefree life theme ‘Hakuna Matata meaning no worries.

Simba copes with living in the jungle and feeding bugs. He battles with the carefree motto as he tries to reconcile he is supposed to be king. He has to come to terms with his father’s death and stop blaming himself for it.

Finding Nemo (2003)


Marlin is dragged into an expedition when his son is carried by ship. Marlin is focused on getting to Sydney Harbor to find Nemo with the help of Dory. They make numerous stops, and Dory gets carried away by the different experiences on the journey due to short memory loss and her fun way of living.

The Road to El Dorado (2000)


Miguel and Tulio begin their journey to find treasures. It’s a time to be led by maps with no idea of how the real place looks. They must overcome plots and impossible obstacles. They also face the dilemma of living in paradise or returning home rich.

Bolt (2008)


For the love of family, Bolt of the Bolt (2008) embarks on a journey to find his owner. Bolt has had it all easy, making his perception of the adventure prejudiced. Thinking he has powers and can do away with any obstacle to find his owner, he discovers all this has been a lie. However, he gains hope and decides to continue on the rescue mission.

A Goofy Movie (1995)

a goofy movie-animated

Max is dragged into an adventure by his father, Goofy. Goofy plans to take his son on a trip to bond with him; however, Max is scheduled to meet Roxanne. Max has to keep up with his dad, who loves him but embarrasses him among his peers unknowingly.

Brave (2012)


Merida finds herself in a confusing situation since her personality does not match what is in her birthplace. The lords are angry with Merida due to her peculiar way of life, which leads to chaos. She begins a journey to undo the curse where she faces uncountable antagonistic scenarios.

Up (2009)


Carl Fredricksen of the Up (2009) ties thousands of balloons to his house to go on an adventure. However, he is disappointed to learn that a boy called Russell found his way into the house. While it’s an unknown path for characters in this movie, they find solace in each other as they play their individual part to make the trip successful.

Rio (2011)


Rio (2011) brings a civilized bird Blu who is domesticated and comfortable. He is taken to Rio de Janeiro to mate with a female bird of his kind known as Jewel, who is free-spirited. The two escape after they realize Nigel, a cockatoo, is planning to smuggle them.

Rio 2 (2014)


Blue and Jewel get three children and settle in the city. Jewel worries that their kids are behaving like humans instead of birds. After learning, other blue macaws exist, she decides they need to visit the Amazon where Blu meets his father-in-law.

Blu has to adapt to life without gadgets and technology. He also understands how important his origin is as his friends help him discover who he is.

Madagascar (2005)


Marty and Alex of Madagascar (2005) escape from the city set up (New York’s Central Park Zoo). The two and their friends experience life in the wild where their kind survives on nature, not gadgets and services they are used to.

Adapting to life in the wild while facing rejection from some of the members is difficult. Alex finds himself in a dilemma while trying to fit in. Finally, he gets used to the ways of his destination and embraces the norm there.

Onward (2020)


In Onward (2020), two brothers Ian and Barley, get into an expedition to spend at least one day with their late father. Ian and Barley have to follow cryptic maps facing uncertainties on the way. But their love for their father motivates them even at their lowest moments.

Treasure Planet (2000)


Jim, a fifteen-year-old lad, discovers a map to the greatest trove in the universe; Treasure Planet. So he embarks on a journey as a cabin boy across the parallel universe. In the journey, he bonds and sees a father figure in Silver, reminding him of his birth father’s neglect. He has to overcome his fears and focus on the destination.

Fun and unimaginable discoveries are part of the trips that each character makes although they face challenges. It’s fine to enjoy the moments as they come, and while they last, some get the best out of them. Others are not present; instead, they keep thinking of their destination.

The Three Caballeros (1944)

The Three Caballeros Animated Travel Feature

·        The Cold-Blooded Penguin

A penguin named Pablo in the South Pole is fed up by the freezing conditions in this place. He decides to travel, leaving his home to look for warmer regions. Before reaching his destination Galapagos Island, he has to go through Chile, Lima, and Quito.

While starting the journey, he faces the challenges of rolling back in the ice and sinking in the frozen waters. But his fellows help him by cutting an iceberg which he uses to float.

He later makes a boat, continues to travel, and sees his destination from afar through a microscope and can’t help but grin. What a vacation on an island where the sun keeps him warm all day!

·        The Flying Gauchito

The film shifts to a story about a boy from Uruguay. He embarks on a journey but then gets exhausted and decided to rest on a cliff. He meets and befriends a donkey with wings named Burrito.

They then get to the town where a competition of racing donkeys is taking place. People laugh at him because the donkey is little and can’t keep up with the rest. However, he unties its wings and gets to the finish line before the rest winning the prize.

·        Baia

This section focuses on a pop-up book trip that Donald receives from Jose. Baia is one of Brazil’s states, and Jose shrinks them both to enter the book. They meet with the locals in live-action and dance with them.

·        Las Posadas

After opening the third prize, he finds Panchito who joins them making up the three Caballeros. Panchito helps him open the next prize, which is the Pinata. They then travel to Mexico, where some children celebrate Christmas by re-enacting the story of Jesus’ birth.

One of the activities that take place in the festivities is the breaking of the Pinata. Donald Duck tries to break his when he realizes what is happening.

·        Mexico: Pátzcuaro, Veracruz and Acapulco

Panchito takes Jose and Donald on an adventure to Mexico City. They use a flying sarape and find people dancing to different songs. They mingle and enjoy themselves by playing instruments and dancing.

·        You Belong to My Heart and Donald’s Surreal Reverie

More adventure, dancing, and Donald trying to impress the ladies. We see a combination of live-action and cartoon action as Donald and his friends blend with humans, trying to imply they can communicate. How the humans and cartoons relate spices the combo, even more, making it epic.


Travel comes with incredible experiences that can be exhilarating and sometimes challenging. Nevertheless, we see the good outdoing the bad in these animated movies. While you may be afraid of flat tires and sunburns in an unknown land, the experience is worth it.

Moreover, you can engage in other activities if you can’t change such happenings in a short time. All you need is to be present for the moment, and you will enjoy the trip!