At Animated Film Network, we strive to provide you with details on animated movies and TV shows, upcoming events such as animated film festivals and conventions and related news about voice actors and animation studios.  There are many websites offering basic overviews of similar content as it relates to their broader material but what sets AFN apart is our commitment to bringing focus to content from creators from different corners of the globe. Every country has a unique style to animation which they combine with local humor, folklore and perspectives to produce their own regional creativity.

Regional Animated Movie Coverage

As we are committed to sharing news about animated movies, shows and shorts from around the globe we try blend this together to provide a sort of worldview of what’s going on with animation projects. For visitors that would like to focus on specific regions we have these broken down into regional pages. Each regional page aims to cover news, guides and new releases. As we create more content we hope to flesh out our regional coverage even further.

We provide RSS feeds for each region to help readers stay up to date on their area of focus. You can plug these into your RSS reader of choice.

Guides on Animated Movies

Animation is enjoyed by viewers of all ages and from different walks of life. For some it’s enough to simply know the latest releases from their preferred streaming content provider to watch with the family and for others things are a bit more layered. Perhaps you’d like to follow content from your home country or content that covers topics that are dear to you. AFN provides guides to help you navigate each of these.

regularly Updated Content About Animation

AFN produces several articles each week to keep animation fans up to date on new releases and industry news. Some weeks certain regions might receive more updates than others, depending on what’s going on in this sector but the aim is to strike balance.